• NHS Approved

    Internationally tested and approved hospital grade disinfectants, cleaners and treatments

  • CE Approved for Medical Devices

    Medical device disinfectant and Bio Film remover

  • Dental & Surgical Implement Disinfection

    Meets all the relevant BS, EN and ISO standards for safety

  • Hospital Wards spotless in less time

    NHS & NHS Scotland approved products for cleansing, disinfecting and treating surfaces to keep germs at bay for longer.

  • Chemistry in action!

    Our products are chemistry not chemicals. They are kind to the environment and non-toxic.

  • Environmentally Safe

    Approved by the EPA and World Health Organisation for not impacting on the environment.

  • Care Home cleaning and disinfecting

    Save time and money with products that work in double quick time and keep on working after the clean has finished.


Please Note that our office will be closed from Monday 8th August 2016 until Tuesday 23rd August 2016 due to a family holiday.

Due to being in the midst of a relocation, the office will not always be manned on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays until further notice. You will be able to reach us on our office line, failing that or any other time please call 07932 767966.

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Green Frog Enterprises register with the UK Competent Authority - MHRA

Under the Medical Devices Regulations 2002: Regulation 19 Green Frog Enterprises Ltd have registered with the UK Competent Authority, the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency), Registration Ref: CA015120 - Register of Persons Placing General Medical Devices on the Market under Product Category H7 Class I Medical Devices: Airway Devices/Monitoring Equipment And Accessories.

As Manufacturers of Class I Medical Devices, Assemblers, and Sterilisers Green Frog Enterprises will now be operating under the Medical Devices Directive and the above Regulations for the products you asked us to register, by fully complying with the essential requirements, CE marking those products or labelling them as such.

MedAirSteril achieves massive staff benefits and saves NHS Trust significant – (see report)

Green Frog Enterprises Ltd MedAirSteril Technology exceeds all expectations - Environmental and Contact Surface Sustained Disinfection saves NHS Trust £213,000 in three months reducing days lost due to sickness significantly. Our MedAirSteril units are now used in NHS Wards, Treatment Rooms , Day Surgery Theatres, Waiting and staff rooms in addition to Ambulances

Green Frog Enterprises Ltd (AirSteril Technology Healthcare Partners) Health/Welfare/Health and Safety

Environmental and Contact Surface Sustained Disinfection saves NHS Trust £213,000 in three months reducing days lost due to sickness significantly. Our Med AirSteril units are now used in Wards, Treatment, Day Surgery, Waiting and staff rooms in addition to Ambulances - enquiries@greenfrogenterprises.co.uk

October 2015 - New service delivery capability

EndoMed Spain have now agreed that EndoMed Endoscopy Solutions range of Flexible Endoscope Maintenance and repair services will now be available in the UK through Green Frog Enterprises Ltd. Please contact us for further information.

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